Four questions of particular interest to me

Among the many questions facing those of us who are truly concerned about the future of our planet, there are four of particular interest to me.

  1. Why digest
  2. Why anaerobically digest
  3. Why anaerobically digest seaweed
  4. Why SeatechEnergy

Why digest: As the number of humans increase, so does the waste. As much of this waste is made up of organic material, biological digestion is one of the ways to reduce the effect of this ever-increasing volume.

Why anaerobically digest: Although digestion is an effective way to dispose of waste,  through anaerobic digestion the energy component of the waste is harvested.

Why anaerobically digest seaweed: One of the reasons is that we can get energy from a product without competing with the growing of land-based crops. Also, the left overs from the digestion process, which is mainly liquid, can be used to improve soil conditions, irrigate land-based crops and with some water treatment, can be suitable for human consumption. (Seaweed is a natural desalinator).

Why SeatechEnergy: SeatechEnergy has developed advanced techniques for large scale seaweed growth and anaerobic digestion. So, improved energy output while optimising the value of whats left. The best answer to this question is “Because it makes sense”.